More ways to save

Buy for longer

Most commuters buy weekly or monthly season tickets, because they don't want to pay up-front for a longer period ticket. However, this means that you're not getting the cheapest equivalent price for your daily travel.

Buying a season ticket for longer, particularly an annual pass, means that the equivalent cost of your daily commute reduces significantly. An annual rail season ticket is just 40 times the weekly ticket price - so in effect you get 12 weeks travel FREE!

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  • Example:
  • Train journey:
  • Oxford to Reading
  • month season £275 x11 months = £3,025 a year.
  • annual season £2,864 (cost/day = £6.17)
  • SAVING: £161 a year

Season tickets are a lot more flexible than you may think . With annual season ticket it is possible to change your train journey (to suit your job) and transfer your season ticket to another journey (by paying a small admin fee). Alternatively, you can ask for a refund of the remaining period of your season (if it's cheaper). Also, if you no longer need to commute by train, then you can get a refund on the unused period left on your ticket (obviously minus the period you've already used).

As well as the benefits of a larger saving with an annual season ticket (compared with monthly seasons) there are other perks - like getting a South East 'GoldCard' (if your journey is in that part of Britain).