Let's see if we can make your commute cheaper...

OK, you’re driving to the train station.

So the true cost of your daily commute to work isn’t just the train fare.

You also need to include the cost of your car journey to and from the station - which is probably the main cost of running your car. This is not just the price of petrol at £1.29/litre  and £1.33/litre for diesel, but also a share of purchase payments, insurance, MOT, servicing and road tax. The total cost of running your car will be around 55p to 65p per mile (depending upon the type of car you drive). So, if you drive an urban journey of say 3.5 miles between your home and the railway station each day as part of your commute, that's costing you £3.85 a day, or £77 a month.

Then there's the cost of car parking at the railway station - and that's where you can make huge savings!

We've price-checked car parking fees at 50 main railway stations across Britain. We found that the average rail commuter could save £100.30 a month. The biggest saving we've found was a whopping £227 a month!

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Wow! You’re splashing the cash using a taxi.

A taxi to the station is convenient, but very, very expensive, especially if you use them daily!

You could save hundreds of pounds a month simply by switching from taxi to the bus for your journey to & from the station.

We've price-checked a typical commuters urban journey of 3.5 miles (in Reading). By taxi this trip currently costs £9.00 each way (or £18 a day return trip). Yet you could spend just £2.85 a day by bus (with a Reading PlusBus month season ticket). Which means you SAVE £15.15 A DAY!

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Great, you’re catching a bus to the train station.

That's cheaper than driving to and parking at the station, or getting a taxi.

But are you buying a rail season ticket from the train company and a separate pass from your local bus operator? You could make life a whole lot easier and save money - simply buy both tickets together! Buy your rail season ticket and a PlusBus season ticket at the same time, at the station ticket office.

PlusBus season tickets are best.